“Without transport, everything comes to a standstill” is a well-known Dutch saying. And without Descartes, everything might end up getting stuck in customs! For Descartes, we work on projects that have an impact on society. Electronic orders are exchanged via the network and are at the basis of, or instance, shipping goods per land, sea or plane. With our activities, we expand the awareness of Descartes’ transport and customs possibilities in the Benelux, and we position Descartes as a sparring partner for all parties in the logistics industry. Thanks to opinion articles, news items and surveys we bring to people’s attention, customs officials, supply chain managers and logistics managers become aware of Descartes presence.

“Progress Communications helps us find the right translation between the changing rules and regulations, the supply chain manager’s knowledge and the support our logistics product have to offer.”
Renate Kok, Marketing Manager at Descartes