Edison Energy

Edison Energy Group, supplier of renewable energy, invests in innovation and technological developments in the renewable energy industry. For the launch of PIDBULL, a new company in the group and also the name of a new product, Edison Energy turned to Progress Communications. PIDBULL is a certified solution that reduces the degradation of solar panels. Progress Communications created a clear messaging, focusing on the translation of complex technological information into understandable messages via TV interviews and press releases. At PIDBULL’s request, Progress Communications created media attention for the solution in Germany and Italy, enlisting partners within the Plexus Group.

“We were looking for a communications partner that could turn our complex technological message into understandable language for a broader target group. They’d also need to distribute the message via the right channels, so it would end up in the Belgian media. Progress Communications couldn’t have done a better job! They are willing to think along and have managed the collaboration with their German and Italian partners very well, so we were able to generate attention for PIDBULL beyond the Belgian borders as well.”
Davy Verheyden, Managing Director at PIDBULL