Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt

Julius Casear was – without a doubt – one of the most important leaders to walk this earth, and he was the first Roman to have his portrait coined. Even now, money is passed on – and just like in Julius Casear’s time, coins are a method of communication that convey a message.

Progress Communications has been managing the PR of the introduction of new commemoration coins since 2010. We share the story behind the image on the coins. Such as the Dutch Unesco world heritage sites. Or special moments that have been imprinted on the coins, attended by important people. Like Prince Willem-Alexander’s coronation day. Or Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, who was present during the introduction of the ‘Van Nelle Vijfje’. We successfully introduced the Dutch commemoration coins via press meetings during the ceremonial ‘Eerst Slag’ of a commemoration coin. We do so by distributing press releases, interviews with newspapers, radio and TV, and by creating video press releases. We organized media training sessions for the KNM management board and perform media monitoring.