The team

Ruud Berendsen

PR Consultant

Communications is a trade – be it in the corporate, the b2b or b2c arena. Just look at the on and off line 24/7 news cycle and you’ll understand. How should organizations deal with this? That is not a simple question. It requires customization and commitment. A combination of internal and external insights, creativity and current affairs are the ingredients for a sound advice. As a PR consultant, I can get excited about finding the best communications solution amidst all this information.

For me, working at Progress is more than just working at a cool agency with passionate colleagues. It says something about who I am: a news junkie who likes to talk to people and connect the dots, also when I am not working. I like to visit museums, a fine restaurant or just a pub. I also love to climb the hills of Limburg on my bike. And wherever I am, I am always on the job.

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