Blog training

Every company has its own vision or opinion. A blog is the perfect platform to share this with others, and to profile yourself as an expert. In addition, blogging is an excellent way of improving your online visibility in search engines.
What will you learn during our blog training course?

During the blog training you will learn how to convey your message in a clear and appealing way. You’ll also learn what kind of content will and will not interest your target group, and which topics are interesting to blog about. Finally, we’ll zoom in on the search engine optimization (SEO) of your content and how your blog can contribute to your online visibility.

The result

After you’ve participated in the blog training course, you’ll know how to write an appealing blog, and how to use your blog to improve your online visibility.

And then?

After the training course, you can spar with us, and receive feedback and customized blog advice.