Social media training

Social media training course

Want to learn more about social media? We provide customized in-house training courses for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We manage the social media for our clients and we’re able to teach you all about it.

What will you learn during our social media training?

Social media success depends on a smart strategy and good content. During this training, we’ll focus on these two topics. What is the goal of your social media activities? We’ll teach you how to set up a content strategy that is geared to your objectives and the key messages of your organization, and that suits the medium you chose. You’ll learn how to generate LinkedIn leads, and which channels are relevant for your company. We’ll also focus on community management. How do you engage with your target group, and how do you handle negative online comments?

Want to know more?

Progress Communications provides training courses for middle and higher level management, and board members, varying from company to company and situation to situation. Contact us for more information about our training courses.

Verizon Connect

We believe that real insight into the needs and behavior of the Verizon Connect target groups form the basis for a successful campaign. Based on these insights, we define a PR campaign for each audience, with different media channels and tactics. This will ensure that marketing and PR activities reinforce each other.

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