Training crisis communication

Dealing with the media during a crisis is a discipline in its own right. So much is expected of you and your organization all of a sudden, not least in terms of communication. The press and social media users want answers: answers that you often just don’t have (as yet). The number of victims, for instance, the precise extent of the crisis or the personal information that may have been leaked. How do you deal with this as the spokesperson of your organization?

What will you be doing during the training course?

Our crisis communication training course prepares you for every conceivable media presentation in a crisis situation. This concentrates on scenarios from your business practice. Among other things you will practice formulating powerful, convincing messages that convey the essence of the matter and you will be given a rigorous examination on issues involving crisis situations. During the course you will be filmed and interviewed several times, after which you will be given extensive feedback.


The training course takes up one working day.

The result

After this intensive training course you will have more control of the messages you project and how you communicate them.

And then?

After the crisis communication training course you may want to spar with us again, receive feedback or get customized communications advice. And you can always call us for suitable communications advice in the event (or threat) of a crisis situation.

Want to know more?

The LVT Group, of which Progress Communications is a part, organizes training courses for middle and higher level management, and board members, varying from company to company and from situation to situation. If you want more information on crisis communication training, please do not hesitate to contact us.