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While smartwatches and fitness trackers often have a techy or sporty image, Huawei proves differently with the launch of the stylish HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro and the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2. With these, the brand wants to tap into a new target group; the hip, trendy millennial with an eye for fashion. But as a technology brand, how do you raise the interest of fashion and lifestyle media for the introduction of smartwatches?  

huawei watches
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  • Company Huawei
  • Service PR; Media Relations; Reviews; Press trip; Event Management
  • Region Netherlands
  • Industry B2C

Media event in Milan
Huawei organized a fashion and fitness media event in Milan – the largest fashion city in the world. With a KPI of 10 Dutch fashion and lifestyle journalists and only 4 weeks’ time, we set to work.

We raised the interest of the media by focusing on the theme of the event ‘exercising the mind, body and soul’. The aspects of design, food and physical and mental health that are represented in the watches were strongly emphasized. After an intense media lobby we boarded the plane with 12 journalists and KOL Anouk Hoogendijk. A press trip that we took care of from A to Z. The combination of a cool event, inspiring speakers, a great atmosphere and a beautiful city made this press trip a great success with a huge boost for the media relations with Huawei.

It resulted in 12 earned fashion and lifestyle publications including product reviews and social media content in ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Fashioncheck, Flair, Libelle, Quote, Men’s Health, NSMBL, Manly and WANT, among others reaching 12.5 million Dutch people.  

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