Media Relations



Proactively maintaining media relations is one of our core tasks.


Since 2002, we have built up a large media network from Amsterdam and Antwerp with more than 12,000 different media, journalists, and influencers. We know what makes them tick, and how we spark their curiosity for your brand and products.



We build reputations and lasting brand narratives through public relations. Our ‘earned-centric’ approach in media relations has us work with reporters, editors, and influencers to ensure your stories get covered.

Being locally rooted, we have an extensive network and know the journalists and media outlets in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg well.

Our various monitoring & social listening tools give us insights into what is hot and happening so we can (re)act quickly to generate maximum impact.

Check our B2C iRobot Case or B2B NTT case for examples of our work.