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We are the leading Benelux PR and marketing communications agency for technology-driven companies that want to change the world for good.

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What we do

We translate technology into accessible and appealing messages and help brands progress.

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IT & Technology

We help our clients accelerate the positive impact of IT for people, planet and organizations. We make the most complex IT matters understandable and the impact tangible. We help brands become leaders in their industry.

Consumer electronics

Gadgets, smart home solutions, wearables, and lifestyle electronics excite us. We believe technology and AI can help change the world for the better. Being experts in storytelling, we want to share that belief by building brand narratives that turn the complex into the relevant.

  • Microsoft

    At the Microsoft Quantum Lab researchers work on building a quantum computer to create unparalleled computing power. Progress Communications was asked to develop a PR approach for the opening of the Lab.

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  • Xiaomi

    Mid-pandemic, Xiaomi challenged us to come up with an approach to launch their Xiaomi Mi 11 flagship smartphone in the Benelux.

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Proud of our

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Our experience

We have experience in working for start-ups, scale ups and established brands in IT, consumer electronics, gaming, wearables, robotics, fintech and aviation industries and green tech including companies like Microsoft, Huawei, Xiaomi, Mollie, Freshworks, Satispay, Exotec, iRobot, Universal Robots, Sonos, AVM/FRITZ!Box and Accenture.

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  • Freedom of routerchoice for everyone in The Netherlands!
    AVM – manufacturer of routers – believes that every consumer of any Internet Service Provider (ISP) has the right to choose and use a private modem and router instead of equipment that the ISP provides. In the Netherlands – by law – consumers have to use the (cheap) equipment provided by the ISP. Only few ISP’s offer a more advanced and more expensive (AVM) router.
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  • The rise of B2B influencers on LinkedIn
    Although most of us know influencers from a consumer perspective, thanks to TikTok and Instagram for example, we are now seeing the rise of LinkedIn B2B influencers.
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  • Why a workation is very beneficial
    A few weeks ago we went with all Progress Communications colleagues on a workation in a chateau in Belgium. During this four-day trip we got to know each other better face to face. Teams organized real life brainstorms, we participated in several workshops and social activities. After this week together and another few weeks working from home, it is time to take stock:
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