Media Training



The aim of our media training courses is to prepare you for all conceivable contacts with the press. From a telephone conversation to an online interview or an interview in a current-affairs program or a slot on radio or TV.


During our media training courses, you will learn all about the agenda of a journalist and how to deal with that. How you can reach the best result together, how to respond, what message to convey and how you can best present your company.

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It also touches on non-verbal forces: does your body language tell a different story to the words you use, do you have an open or closed attitude when you talk and how far does your personal space bubble reach? This is all done in a practical session in a safe setting.

With all this under your belt, you will be well-prepared for what may come your way. Your PR team will then assist you by interview to make the transition from learning the skills to putting them into practice. After this intensive training, you will have more control over how you deal with the press.