• It's official: We are a Great Place To Work
    It is with great pride that we announce that Progress Communications is officially certified as a Great Place To Work®! With a wonderful result - 88 percent of our colleagues say: All things considered, I find Progress Communications a Great Place To Work, which we are very happy with.
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  • Freedom of routerchoice for everyone in The Netherlands!
    AVM – manufacturer of routers – believes that every consumer of any Internet Service Provider (ISP) has the right to choose and use a private modem and router instead of equipment that the ISP provides. In the Netherlands – by law – consumers have to use the (cheap) equipment provided by the ISP. Only few ISP’s offer a more advanced and more expensive (AVM) router.
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  • The rise of B2B influencers on LinkedIn
    Although most of us know influencers from a consumer perspective, thanks to TikTok and Instagram for example, we are now seeing the rise of LinkedIn B2B influencers.
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  • Why a workation is very beneficial
    A few weeks ago we went with all Progress Communications colleagues on a workation in a chateau in Belgium. During this four-day trip we got to know each other better face to face. Teams organized real life brainstorms, we participated in several workshops and social activities. After this week together and another few weeks working from home, it is time to take stock:
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  • How to build an executive's reputation
    We often get questions from clients to support them in the thought leadership. However, few ask for an executive profiling program, while their reputation is of great value for a company. 
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  • Influencer Marketing
    Influencer marketing is undeniably one of the key aspects of social media marketing. Today, influencer marketing reigns supreme as the fastest-growing channel for customer acquisition and brand managers need to do all they can to prepare for the next era of digital presence. Brands are becoming savvier at implementing the best approach and partnerships for their campaigns. We love to share our most important insights in the influencer marketing landscape with you.
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  • Cyberattack communications: 3 tips to build trust
    Trust is the basis for technology’s success. The more people (dare to) use it, the faster we innovate and the better applications like artificial intelligence can become.
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  • Four tips for dealing with American press releases in Europe
    No one culture is the same. This should come as no surprise. But did you know that this translates to your press releases as well? When you’re working for an American organization in Europe, it’s important to note the characteristics of your press releases and to be aware of what your target audience wants to read.
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  • We did it - the Sabre Awards!
    Sometimes we forget the incredible things we do in our jobs. We work hard to achieve goals and don’t always take the time to actually reflect upon what we already have achieved. In fact, sometimes we even have difficulty remembering what it is we did last quarter.
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  • SEO and PR go hand in hand in the media
    What is the point of great content if it can't be found? Traditionally, PR consultants broadcast content through our contacts in the press, not least through press releases, interviews, reviews and opinion pieces. PR has always been about the broadcasting of content through well-targeted mass-reach channels and a one-to-one media approach.
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  • 5 reasons why it's such fun to work in PR
    Communicatieonline recently published a list of motives for the communications industry. German communications professionals explained why they had chosen a career in communications. A diverse profession, ability to use your own skill set and self-development were the top three reasons. This list prompted me to identify my own motivational factors.
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  • Five reasons why video is essential to your online strategy
    With the growing popularity of social-media platforms such as Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and, it's hard not to be aware of video content. Facebook and Twitter are turning to video, too, with apps such as Periscope. So: here are five reasons why you too need to embrace video content in your on-line strategy.
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