We build reputations and lasting brand narratives through public relations. We help you maintain or build a positive public image and nuture relationships with the media for you through disciplines such as corporate communications, product launches and marketing communications.


Our ‘earned-centric’ approach in media relations has us work with reporters, editors, and influencers to ensure your stories get covered.


Your Progress team creates press releases, bylined articles, commentaries and arranges interviews or product reviews. We keep a close eye on the media, to be able to newsjack and gain momentum for your company.


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Being locally rooted, we have an extensive network and know the journalists and media outlets in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg well. Our various monitoring & social listening tools give us insights into what is hot and happening so we can (re)act quickly to generate maximum impact.

The output of all our PR and marketing activities should be the same;  We build a positive image for your company and work on an increase in the number of people who use the services or products of your company. We engage with the media to talk (positively) about your brand.

Check for example our Microsoft or Huawei reference case.

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