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The strategic partnership between IG&H and Progress Communications sought to transform IG&H from a well-kept secret to a recognized expert in end-to-end transformation in its target sectors: retail, health, pensions, insurance, and banking. By leveraging a blend of sector expertise, cutting-edge technology capabilities, and digital prowess, the collaboration aimed to position IG&H as a trailblazer in its industry. This reference case showcases the immense potential of strategic PR in transforming a ‘best-kept secret’ into an industry thought leader.
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  • Company IG&H
  • Services PR; Interviews: Content Creation
  • Region Netherlands
  • Industry B2B

Elevating IG&H’s Profile through Strategic PR
We kicked off with comprehensive meetings and intakes with IG&H’s marketing and communications team to understand their insights, plans, targets, and expertise. These insights became the cornerstone of our PR strategy. It helped us understand IG&H’s focus and uncover their ongoing projects and vision. We conducted extensive research, including news hunting and sector media analyses, and ensured a clear vision of success. 

The results achieved in the first 10 months of the collaboration were remarkable with highlights such as   

– A full-page opinion article authored by the Health Division Managing Director, published in a national daily, sparked a nationwide conversation on the Dutch healthcare system. 

 – IG&H’s CEO was featured in the Business News Radio podcast series ‘Groundbreaking Business Models,’ where he discussed the company’s transformation into a multifaceted organization. 

   – A three-page feature in an IT management magazine explored IG&H’s vision, highlighting how low-code technology accelerates digitalization in healthcare. 

In the first half of the year, Progress achieved 78 in-depth articles focused on IG&H, showcasing the company’s expertise and thought leadership with an impressive ~€227K in Earned Media Value and a potential news reach of approximately 24 million, extending IG&H’s visibility far beyond their original scope. Our PR strategy maintained a consistent 95% messaging alignment, ensuring that IG&H’s core values and expertise were effectively communicated. 

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