Case Universal Robots

Your clients are your best ambassadors and with Universal Robots we have a great customer review program running.

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  • Company Universal Robots
  • Services PR; Content Creation; Video; Case studies
  • Region Benelux
  • Industry B2B
universal robots, production plant, collaborative robots

Giving customers a voice
Robotics has been a hot topic for some years. As a main player in this space, Universal Robots aims to empower change in the way work is done, through having cobots (collaborative robots) work alongside humans. To showcase the benefits this has for companies and employees and to reassure society as a whole that humans will remain vital in production processes, we created a case study programme starring Universal Robots’ clients.

Universal Robots clients star not only in written case studies but also in short 3-minute videos that are subsequently promoted on the Universal Robots’ website and local and international social channels. On top of that we try to generate a maximum of visibility in specific vertical industries through setting up interviews with trade media.

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