Case NTT

Increasing the thought leadership of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world requires focus to ensure we bring the right message at the right time.

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  • Company NTT
  • Services PR; Content Creation; Events
  • Region Netherlands
  • Industry B2B

Thought leadership for a B2B tech company
NTT is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world active and active across many different domains. Working in quarterly campaigns brings focus to the stories that need to be told. Campaigns such as: Cyber Security; SD-Wan networking; Workplace Experience; data and the Tour de France and 5G.

Depending on the campaign, the target audience and target media, the (international) spokesperson and/or available materials we decide on the strategic approach and tactics. So throughout the year we have different approaches toward media on the focus areas. This way, the IT media is not overloaded with the same approach or constantly encounters the same rivaling media. This approach also caters to the interest of a broader audience such as HR and career journalists, telecom journalists, and sports media.

Per campaign, we focus on securing qualitative articles derived from a roundtable, a lab visit, one-on-one interviews, a bylined article etc. For example, for the stories around Workplace Experience – 5 journalists attended the roundtable, and we secured 10 qualitative coverage pieces in total including HR media such as PWnet and publications in business media like Baaz and IT such as a YouTube with Dutch IT channel. Regarding NTT’s data support during The Tour de France we are proud of 7 interviews with tech media and national dailies: De Telegraaf;; RTL News techmedia like Techzine, and lifestyle media Girls in Tech.

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