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23 qualified leads, and the sale of two Porsche Macans. The success of our campaign didn’t go unnoticed and we were shortlisted for a SABRE EMEA Award in the Marketing to Women category.

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  • Company PON Automotive
  • Services Influencer campaign
  • Region Netherlands
  • Industry B2C
influencer campaign – porsche macan

Porsche Macan lead generation
Those are the most important results of our influencer campaign for Porsche. Pon is a Dutch dealer for Porsche. Progress Communications was asked to help increase awareness and requests for test drives for the Porsche Macan. After a very extensive influencer research program, we chose to set up a campaign with Lonneke Nooteboom. She is the kind of influencer that really represents and matches the target audience of the Porsche Macan.

She took a Porsche Macan to pick up her order, a box of the world’s best macarons, in Paris. She kept her followers up to date on her trip with lots of great Porsche images. Thanks to well-known Dutch celebrities commenting on her posts, she was able to achieve a total reach of nearly 780,000 people and 17,000 interactions.

This lead to an amazing number of leads by Progress Communications managed. The 23 qualified leads exceeded all expectations. Especially considering the profile of leads, which matched perfectly with Porsche Macan’s target group. Eventually, we were even able to attribute the sale of two Porsche Macans to the influencer campaign. 

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The results exceeded our expectations."

Jasper Koek
PR Manager at Pon