Case Sonos

In spring, Sonos launched a variety of products and services with seemingly little connection to one another…. Progress was asked to get lifestyle media and influencers appealing to a younger audience to write about the products and services, while also highlighting the #Feel More with Sonos brand experience.

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  • Company Sonos
  • Services PR; Reviews; Influencers
  • Region Benelux
  • Industry B2C

Creating the ‘Feel more with Sonos’ brand connection
With ‘Feel More ‘ we created an emotional story that appealed to a younger audience and brought together a variety of products during different launch moments creating different personal touchpoints to share the #Feelmore brand message:

  1. Individual #Feelmore pre-briefs with and exclusive reviews under embargo by tier 1 tech media – to reinforce the relationship and not lose their interest;
  2. #Feelmore in NY: a personally tailored programs for top tier lifestyle media & influencers at the global launch in New York;
  3. ‘First to experience’ local launch event for lifestyle media with individualized program and overnight stay
  4. #Feelmore in Summer: Influencer collaborations with a summer/travel angle
  5. Broad personalized review program and tailored pitches once more review products were available

With a reach of 109 million, 107 articles, 56 reviews, we outperformed all media KPI’s with this campaign. The influencer events and collaborations resulted in a big social impact on Instagram, successfully reaching a younger audience.

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