Bylined articles

To be considered a thought leader, you need more than just a strong vision or an opinion alone. You need to get your message out to a relevant audience. A bylined article is the perfect way to do so.

A bylined article is a guest contribution to a news or trade medium, in which you showcase your expertise and knowledge – without promoting your products emphatically. A letter to the editor for example, in a daily newspaper commenting on current affairs. Or an article in a trade magazine in which you share your vison on the industry you’re active in.

A well-written bylined article will allow you to present yourself as a thought leader. We can help you do so by supporting you in finding relevant topics and proactively advising you on current affairs to comment on.

Our in-house content creators will help you to clearly write down your vision, resulting in a bylined article that is indistinguishable from an editorial production. You can also trust on our extensive network of journalists and editorial offices to bring it to the attention of the right target audience.

Verizon Connect

We believe that real insight into the needs and behavior of the Verizon Connect target groups form the basis for a successful campaign. Based on these insights, we define a PR campaign for each audience, with different media channels and tactics. This will ensure that marketing and PR activities reinforce each other.

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