Reference story

Your product or service has great results. You could declare this yourself, of course, but you won’t convince anyone. It’s better to let a satisfied customer do the talking, and create a reference story or case.

A case is the perfect way to illustrate what you can do for your customers. With a reference story, you can show how user friendly your products are, or how your service helps customers to realize their goals. In many cases, a case allows you the opportunity to put your product or service in the spotlight in relevant trade media.

And we can help you. Our content creators interview your customers. Based on that conversation, they set up a clear reference story you and your customer can both get behind. If desired, our content creators can make sure the reference story is in line with your house style, and our PR consultants can distribute the story among an extensive media network. Would you rather tell your story in a video? Not a problem. Read more in Videos.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the way we work and how Progress Communications can help you create an appealing case? Read our own reference cases . Or contact us.


It was important that consumers get in touch with the brand SteamOne and know what it has to offer. It had to be known that with the H10S of SteamOne they could make the most delicate fabrics free from creases within one minute. We decided to focus on the storytelling behind the H10S and to emphasize on the convenience of SteamOne.

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