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Progress Communications is one of the few PR agencies that has Google Analytics certified PR consultants. We believe that our PR activities contribute to the visibility of your company. Which is why we think it’s only logical that we employ specialists that don’t just attract visitors to your website, they also get much more out of your website visits.

Our clients benefit from a single point of contact for their PR and online marketing. Our number one online marketing activities are optimizing websites for search engines (SEO), search engine marketing (AdWords) and social media. We take into consideration the business objectives of the company, develop a suitable online strategy, and implement it. We’ll also provide new content, behind the scene adjustments for improved visibility and monthly, transparent reports, so you’ll be able to see the effects of our activities.

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How to convince the hard to reach millennial audience of the importance of online safety? For Microsoft, we came up with an awareness campaign that we executed in collaboration with B-Brave. Together with the popular Dutch boyband we set up a hoax, aiming for it to go viral. And viral it went, on social as well as traditional media.

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