Media monitoring

What is the media saying about your brand? Who are the important influencers in your industry? Do people think positively or negatively about your organization? Reputation management starts with media monitoring. Which means: knowing how on and offline Benelux media feel about your organization, so you can respond to that if necessary.

That’s why we monitor traditional and social media every day, using a variety of monitoring tools. We know what’s going on in the media, which journalist writes about what, and which publications have appeared on your brand. We share these insights with you in clear reports and clipping overviews. Or in another format that suits your business processes. This way, you’ll be able to stay in control of your reputation and you’ll be able to spot opportunities to further profile your brand.

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How to convince the hard to reach millennial audience of the importance of online safety? For Microsoft, we came up with an awareness campaign that we executed in collaboration with B-Brave. Together with the popular Dutch boyband we set up a hoax, aiming for it to go viral. And viral it went, on social as well as traditional media.

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