Brainstorm sessions

Is your team operating on automatic pilot? Do you want to get a picture of what your teams’ concerns are, or what message or tools you could use? To draw attention and hold it, it is essential to come up with creative and inspiring ideas. Although few people realise it, creativity is something everyone possesses. The trick is being able to bring that out. We know just how to do that.

What will you be doing during the brainstorming session?

Our brainstorming session is designed to encourage you to use your innate creativity. In next-to-no time you will have hundreds of creative ideas, some of which will be directly applicable. No matter what the communications issue. To do this we use various brainstorming techniques. As we regularly hold brainstorming sessions, we are well aware of what works at which point. Brainstorming sessions are not just a source of fantastic ideas: they can also immediately create more internal support for your communications plans. Not least because everyone has made a contribution and become part of the process.

The result

You will go home with a range of ideas that can be put into practice immediately. And you will also be in touch with the techniques for effective brainstorming.

And then?

After the brainstorming session you may want to spar with us again, receive feedback or get customised communications advice. And you can always call us for appropriate communications advice.

Want to know more?

The LVT Group, of which Progress Communications is part, holds brainstorming sessions for all strata of an organisation, varying from company to company and from situation to situation. If you want more information on brainstorming sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us.