Brainstorm workshop

We regularly organise internal workshops within Progress Communications. A colleague from the LVT Group, of which Progress is part, occasionally holds internal sessions on time management, while another colleague presents an update on the latest developments in social-media land.

We were thus recently visited by our Colleague Mariëlle from our events agency Eventive, to provide the Belgian team a workshop on brainstorming. Brainstorming seems straightforward: you appeal to your creative brain and throw your ideas onto the table. But what if the ideas don’t flow?

The first important step for setting up a successful brainstorming session is the actual question. The more specific this is, the easier good ideas are achieved. There are a wealth of brainstorming techniques that help coming up with creative ideas, and this starts with thinking ‘out of the box’. We begin with a few warm-up exercises that fire up the creative brain, and we agree neither to reject any idea nor to think in terms of ‘no’ and ‘impossible’, but instead just carry on if we think it’s impossible! After this, Mariëlle took us through the various phases in which you bring together all of the ideas you think of spontaneously (known as ‘idea dump’). Having rid yourself of the initial ideas, which often prevent you from thinking further, we can then continue. In this case, we opted for another two creative brainstorming techniques that once again make us think ‘out of the box’.

In a subsequent phase we converged, in other words you select a number of ideas that jump out in front of you. We set to work with the most popular ideas in order to elaborate a concrete concept. In the final phase the pros and cons are weighed up, since a good idea is not just creative, but also valuable, practical and feasible!

If you are interested in organising a brainstorming workshop yourself within your company, please get in touch with us and we will provide all the support you need.

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