IT is so media mainstream

Cloud computing, storage, the internet of things and disruptive hardware are trending topics at Progress Communications. That’s no surprise, considering these topics determine the business of most of our clients. But, certain ‘n00bs’ took over these topics as well. IT no longer is something only nerds pay attention to. Today, we all save our files in the cloud and when discussing collecting personal data, we refer to it as ‘big data’.

Tech news broadens
When I just started working in PR, there was a great variety of IT and technical magazines. Compared to other countries, there were enough trade magazines to successfully approach each and every IT expert. At the time, my Flemish colleagues sometimes joked: “The Dutch even have magazines about the screws they use in server cabinets”.

Over the last couple of years, the media landscape has transformed dramatically. The number of trade magazines decreased while the number of people who are interested in IT, grew. Nowadays, even lifestyle media and newspapers write about IT. Before, newspapers only published articles about the financial results of a technology company. And if we were lucky, they published an interview with a CEO or a vacancy in the careers page. But today, IT is a trending topic and the papers are paying a lot of attention to it. In particular about how technology affects consumers and how innovations enriches or weakens society.

Now, even lifestyle media pay attention to technology. Who could have guessed that Libelle, a Dutch weekly magazine for women, would write about the reliability of DigiD? The media even gave IT a status aparte. Today, has a whole section about tech news and the digital page in De Telegraaf appears more frequently than ever before.

The right address
It’s nice to see that other media acknowledge the importance of tech news as well. This development gives technology companies more possibilities to get the attention of consumers and business users. Because in the end, the media are still the irreplaceable intermediaries between companies and consumers.

In the spotlight
The trick however is to really add value as a company. Do you want to get the attention of a journalist? You’ll first have to determine what your news means for Dutch citizens and where you want your article published. On the front page of the business section maybe, the lifestyle pages or the economics section? Do you prefer attention in a magazine such as Flair or LINDA? Most of all, be sure to enclose excellent photo material and appealing user stories or a simple sketch of the origin of the innovation. In short: tell your story in such a way that it appeals to the people and media you want attention from.

Great sense of trends
As a PR agency specialized in IT, we connect easily with the media and we know what kind of news the media are looking for. Even though trade media decreased in numbers, we see a lot of new possibilities to cover tech news because the media landscape has broadened. Bloggers and lifestyle media are really into everything involving IT. We see it as our duty to translate tech news into a comprehensive message. To present the story in a way that appeals to the journalists. To grab the attention of the journalists that matter. Do you want to be in the spotlight with your technology? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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