Say it with an event

For the launch of Nokia Lumia devices we organised a launch event for the Benelux press. The devices have been designed with a sensitive touchscreen that can be operating with gloves on. With this approach, the concept of a press event in Amsterdam and Brussels taking place just before the Christmas period quickly took form.

Journalists were invited by name through a printed invitation card, designed with a winter-theme, to attend the presentation of the devices. Along with this, we also provided them a pair of black winter gloves and a card featuring five “amazing things” that they can do with the new Lumia wearing gloves. In keeping with the wintery atmosphere, Zuidpool in Amsterdam and Chalet Robinson in Brussels were selected as locations. We also had a Nokia Corporate expert fly in, who passionately explained the innovative camera functions of both devices. In addition, entertainment was provided with Nokia’s ‘Black Box’, which meant the devices could undergo a thorough testing. Both events hit the mark, with 40 journalists in Amsterdam and more than 20 in Brussels. For a fitting closure to the event, everyone received yet another goodie bag filled with a test device and a mini Christmas tree. Events such as this always generate amazing reactions, a great deal of enthusiasm and interactivity, and it is always nice hearing a journalist personally thanking us for “yet again another well organised and interesting event”!

However, we sometime also work on projects that are somewhat more usual, such as for funeral insurance company Nuvema. They asked whether we could help them attract media attention for the Nuvema Hearse Parade, a record attempt for the longest funeral cortege. Following a number of conversations, we together devised a plan with press releases to be sent out on behalf of the firm and the participating funeral companies, drew up Q&As, arranged interviews, created pre-discussed interview briefings, and of course invited the written, photography and filming media. The results included Emile de Jong – general director of Nuvema – being interviewed numerous times on the radio, and over 125 articles appeared. After all, it’s not every day a cortege of more than one hundred hearses makes it way through the woods for a Guinness world record!

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