Social media and PR go hand in hand

Social media is an integral component of our PR tools, since social media means that everyone can publicly share their experiences, and brands can enter into direct conversations with clients/potential clients.

For instance, we took care of the social media channels of Nokia Netherlands and Nokia Belgium, including the Twitter and Facebook pages. Having been their PR agency for years, we know both the sector and Nokia inside out, and also know what counts among journalists and consumers for managing and guiding Nokia’s social media channels optimally.

We are also happy to share our knowledge and expertise with other companies, and a thus colleague travelled to Spain to provide social media training. Progress Communications has been part of the PLEXUS PR Group since 2010 – a global network for agencies in PR, communication, social media and online marketing. America, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark and of course our own Benelux region are represented in the network. The advantage of a cooperative relationship such as this is that we are able to exchange knowledge with other agencies, without us being direct competitors with each other. Seeing that they are doing in other countries, and what suits the local market, is also inspirational. The request came from the agency Ibérica from Madrid during the latest consultation. They identified a growing demand for social media among their clients, but did not themselves have sufficient knowledge in house, since there are not yet as many social media specialists in Spain as there are in the Netherlands, for example. We regularly provide this sort of training in the Benelux, but this is always customised and thus so as to be able to provide the training in Spain, we examined the ins and outs of the local market.

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