Why a workation is very beneficial

A few weeks ago we went with all Progress Communications colleagues on a workation in a chateau in Belgium. During this four-day trip we got to know each other better face to face. Teams organized real life brainstorms, we participated in several workshops and social activities. After this week together and another few weeks working from home, it is time to take stock:
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What did this workation bring us, what did we learn? I also want to share how I experienced it as one of the new colleagues.

Let’s start with emphasizing the need of being all together after such a long time. Because of the pandemic we were all forced to work from home as much as possible. Although there are less restrictions we still don’t go to the office full-time. For several people the workation was the first time to actually see colleagues face-to-face. I can tell you that it was definitely a boost for the feeling of belonging.

Every day we worked in the same space. Do you have a question? No mail or Teams needed, just walk to your lovely colleague and ask your question. It was nice and unnatural at the same time. Another aspect to the feeling of belonging and being a team is the fact that physical meetings were possible again. For the first time (at least for me in this company) we could sit together with our whole team and discuss several topics and upcoming events. This all contributes to a better team spirit.

The team spirit was even more evident while participating in a training about our strengths. During this training we’ve learned what type of personalities we have and how this reflects in our work. Throughout the training there was time to gather in smaller account teams to discuss our personalities and how we can optimally use our strengths and where we can complement each other and the client. It was very beneficial to get to know each other from a different perspective.

Next to the hard work and training, there was time for some social activities. We went to Maastricht for dinner and a historic evening walk. Furthermore, we had a party and a game-night. It was good to see that everyone was enjoying it so much. I , as a new colleague, enjoyed this even more, because I had not met most people in real life and definitely not in a non-working environment. I have to admit that this team is even more fun and close than I already thought. Therefore this week was a confirmation I am in the right place with the right people.

All in all, the workation was beneficial for different reasons. We got to know each other better, we experienced the advantages of working together in real life again and we did more than enough bonding. All these things ensure that we have become stronger as a team and can work with even more motivation and quality in the coming period.

If you as a company are tired of working from home and have expanded your team over the past one-and-a-half year, a workation is definitely the solution to make your employees more enthusiastic, motivated and productive as never before!

Door Fabian Bais

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