Case AVM

A bad internet connection is a gamer’s worst nightmare. Time for Progress to educate gamers on the high speed connection with FRITZ!Box by AVM.

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  • Company AVM
  • Services Social Media; Digital Marketing; Content
  • Region Benelux
  • Industry B2C

Getting AVM into the gaming community
To increase brand awareness among gamers, FRITZ!Box (router brand) had a booth at Firstlook, a popular gaming event. They asked our support in generating traffic to their booth. To make sure gamers visited the AVM booth at Firstlook, Progress developed a social media and content campaign to not only attract visitors but also build a gamer fanbase on Facebook and generate sales.

A phased approach targeting and retargeting a specific gaming audience did the trick. We produced a video with very recognizable gaming frustrations linked to a poor internet connection. Viewers were retargeted with a second video we produced. Finally, carrousel sales posts with a discount code were boosted to viewers of both videos.

Our approach was highly successful: over 500 people visited the AVM booth. In-depth conversations were had with 100 of these visitors. Online, the group of gamers we were able to retarget consisted of 68,000 people. Many people tagged friends in a total of 217 comments, which led to a fast growing number of views and 433 users clicking the discount code.

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