Case Microsoft

At the Microsoft Quantum Lab researchers work on building a quantum computer to create unparalleled computing power. Progress Communications was asked to develop a PR approach for the opening of the Lab.

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  • Company Microsoft
  • Services PR; Content Creation
  • Region Benelux
  • Industry Business to Society

Societal Relevance
Since the lab obviously strengthened The Netherlands’ position in the race for quantum computing, we turned this into a major news fact.  Inviting the country to think about how ‘quantum ready’ the country was, triggered media to cover the topic in more depth and also explain what quantum computing entails. This allowed us to put Microsoft in the spotlight.

To help the journalists shape their stories and cater to different knowledge levels, we developed 4 different media programs and offered interviews with multiple Microsoft spokespersons.

This resulted in more than 60 pieces of coverage including TV, national dailies, radio, print and online i media.  Positioning quatum computing as an economic relevant theme made it interesting for dailies like de VolkskrantTrouwADTelegraaf,, RTL Nieuws and Radio 1. Moreover, the opening was even covered in international media!

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The strategic and tactical approach of Progress represents thorough public relations expertise. They have tremendous experience in technology and consumer markets."

Julie de Widt-Bakker and Yvette Lansbergen
Corporate Communications & Citizenship lead Microsoft Netherlands