A bad internet connection is a gamer’s worst nightmare. That’s why they constantly look for the best possible internet reception. In order to generate brand awareness among these gamers, router manufacturer AVM (known for its FRITZ!Box routers) asked for Progress Communications’ support.

Firstlook is a game festival where Dutch and Belgian gamers can admire and test the latest games, gadgets and hardware. Its average number of 25,000 visitors made Firstlook the ideal location for AVM to get in touch with gamers. But how do you make sure that gamers visit your stand? Progress Communications developed a social media and content campaign to not only attract stand visitors, but also to build a gamer fanbase on Facebook and generate sales through this platform.

Retargeting target group

In order to reach a broad group of gamers, we first produced a thirty-second clip about the recognizable gaming frustrations of a poor internet connection. We asked the gamers who would be attending the festival to visit the AVM stand. Here, they’d receive advice on realizing the fastest internet connection.

Viewers were retargeted with a second video we produced, an AVM Firstlook aftermovie. We also created a carrousel sales post for Facebook, including discount code they could use at the consumer electronics discounter MediaMarkt. Via Facebook advertising we boosted the post among the viewers of both videos.

By retargeting viewers who watched the videos for ten seconds or longer, we created a more specific target group. The goal was to attract Facebook users who would be genuinely interested in the products. This increased the chance of conversion, an actual claim of the discount code.

More than five hundred stand visitors and a large online reach

The approach was successful: more than 500 people visited the AVM stand, resulting in about a hundred consults. Online, the group of gamers we were able to retarget consisted of 68,000 people. Many people tagged friends in a total of 217 comments, which led to a fast growing number of views.

In addition, the results showed that our content appealed to a lot of people – and for a longer period of time as well. 35 percent of the users who saw the first video (175,039 people) watched for ten seconds or longer (60,912 people). And because the shorter gamer clip didn’t contain any conversation, the content was usable for all AVM pages – including those in other countries.

But that wasn’t all. In total, 433 users showed genuine interest in the discount code by clicking on it. Also good to mention: the campaign allowed us to achieve the client’s main goal: AVM and especially FRITZ!Box’s added value are now better known among gamers. This provides a basis for the company to continue building on. Moreover, this marketing approach for AVM was a first, and is shared within the company as a success story.

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