SEO and PR go hand in hand in the media

What is the point of great content if it can't be found? Traditionally, PR consultants broadcast content through our contacts in the press, not least through press releases, interviews, reviews and opinion pieces. PR has always been about the broadcasting of content through well-targeted mass-reach channels and a one-to-one media approach.

However, the digital age has posed the PR industry with the extra challenge of distributing content via digital media channels, and looking with fresh eyes at the broadcasting of content.

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The perfect combination
In PR, our daily work involves packaging a message in the right way and distributing it via the most relevant channels. We do this with content that fits a company and its target group(s). In addition, we ensure that the content is filled with keywords that interest the audience and lead to specific results. In this way, we try to promote a company’s profile with its target group in the interest of ‘top-of-mind’ awareness.

In many fields PR and SEO sit well in a single strategy. They match each other seamlessly, because the approach is the same in principle. It’s all about the right use of content. When drafting press releases or media pitches, we make sure that the wording and visuals are catchy, and relevant for the medium and target group. Quality is king. This same principle applies to SEO, where we optimise content, title tags and meta-descriptions with the right keywords. The same skills you possess as a PR consultant can also be used for SEO.

For instance, when configuring SEO we explore with our clients which keywords could attract conversions or sales. To do this we use all sorts of tools, such as Keyword Planner, to determine which keywords are hot within a particular sector or for a particular subject. We can then work these keywords into the press release.

In addition, both PR and SEO are of assistance in achieving thought leadership as a company. With greater online visibility you can project authority in your field. Imagine you are explaining your vision for the future of your industry through an interview in a daily paper; you can also do that with a highly-visible blog on a news website, social media or your own website. Well thought-out SEO and proper use of your own on-line platforms where possible is half the battle.

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Work in progress
That is why it is not strange that a PR agency should be offering SEO and have extensive knowledge in that area. It is possible to think further than just broadcasting your message to the media if you are aware that your company is its own medium, your own platform. A publication in a leading magazine could lead to people deciding to look for your on-line presence. Then it’s a comforting thought that your SEO is in order. And also: a journalist who is researching a subject in which you are involved will be able to find you quicker and interview you for his or her article thanks to SEO. PR and SEO form a total package and bolster each other: there’s more than one solution to a problem, and we like to explore them all.

Improving the on-line visibility of your content is actually a very logical process. In addition, it is an on-going process and a long-term project, just like PR itself. It’s not just your objectives that can change; search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing regularly tweak their algorithms (for the latest updates see the blog by our content creator Edward), competitors advertise with the same search terms, etc. Media, editorial formulas and the composition of editorial teams will always be changing. In short: you’ll have to keep working on your PR and SEO strategies.

Do you want to spar on the optimisation of your on-line visibility, or are you interested in what we can do for you in this field? Then contact us.

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