Content distribution

If content is king, distribution is queen. And we all know who’s in charge. But let’s get to the point: even if you create great content, if you don’t know how to reach the right target group, it’s virtually useless.

We can help you bring your content to the attention of your target group. We have an extensive network of media contacts and know what is relevant for journalists. And we can use our tools to buy media for you.

Our social media specialists also make sure your content is distributed effectively via channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. And by optimizing your content and website for search engines, our SEO experts maximize your online visibility in Google and Bing.

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If you’re an American organization, how do you strengthen the relationship with a broad Dutch audience? When our client Boeing asked us that, we were able to provide an answer almost right away: by demonstrating that the organization has been investing in Dutch knowledge and the local economy and society for several decades.

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