Messaging and positioning

An effective PR strategy begins with the right communications message. In order to discover what that is, we organise what we call a messaging session. During these sessions we identify the five components of your company: your target group, your vision, products and/or services, your partners and the embedding of continuity in your company. For these five components, we find out and formulate the right message. We know from experience that prospects assess companies on these five aspects.

The result of that messaging session forms the basis for all the messages you communicate, such as press releases, articles, case studies, website content and brochures, but also sales talks.

Pon Automotive

23 qualified leads. And the sale of two Porsche Macans. Those are the most important results of our influencer campaign for Pon Automotive, the Dutch distributor of several cars, including Porsche. The company enlisted Progress Communications’ help to increase awareness for the Porsche Macan. “The results exceeded our expectations.”

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