Our society is becoming more and more personalized, that’s a fact. Nowadays, nearly everything can be customized. The funeral industry is no different. Even mourning coaches are no longer necessarily a standard black. The partners of funeral insurance company Nuvema can make a difference when it comes to tailor-made funerals. They take care of everything, and make sure the deceased is given a suitable farewell.

To show the Netherlands that Nuvema and its partners can arrange a tailor-made funeral, Progress Communications developed and organized the largest mourning coach cortege in the world – in collaboration with its sister agency, Eventive. Which resulted in great pictures in the media on the day the cortege took place. In addition, in the weeks leading up to the event, we arranged dozens of interviews with regional and national media, focusing on the trends in funeral services. And we demonstrated the numerous possibilities offered by funeral companies. Naturally, all partners were provided with press kits.

And since all partners had gathered in one place during this Guinness World Record effort anyway, we also organized a great relations event for Nuvema and all of its partners.