• What can PR managers learn from Petya?
    Very often lately, we hear about cyber attacks. News about such incidents is widely publicized. That’s hardly remarkable, given that sensitive information has landed on the street, personal information is stolen, a company is completely shut down and small or larger sums are required in exchange for data release. In short, the economic and social impact is high.
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  • The Boeing Company alights at Dutch PR agency Progress Communications
    Progress Communications added Boeing company to its client portfolio in 2014. The aviation giant selected Progress Communications as its new PR and communication agency in the Netherlands.
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  • Sinterklaas vs Santa Claus
    “Sinterklaas? Do you mean Santa Claus?” is easily our international clients’ most frequently asked question whenever we talk about this Dutch national holiday. Uhm no, I mean Sinterklaas. Followed by the usual explanation: “Sinterklaas is this old guy dressed in red, and he rides a white horse. He has hundreds of Black Petes who help him buy, wrap and ship all the presents for all of the well-behaved kids. It is a national holiday that is celebrated on December 5th…”
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  • Say it with an event
    For the launch of Nokia Lumia devices we organised a launch event for the Benelux press. The devices have been designed with a sensitive touchscreen that can be operating with gloves on. With this approach, the concept of a press event in Amsterdam and Brussels taking place just before the Christmas period quickly took form.
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  • Social media and PR go hand in hand
    Social media is an integral component of our PR tools, since social media means that everyone can publicly share their experiences, and brands can enter into direct conversations with clients/potential clients.
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  • Setting up and overseeing interviews
    Working at a PR agency involves a great deal more than sending out press releases and setting aside test products for journalists. For instance, we help our clients with interviews they have with journalists. We both set them up and oversee them.
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  • Brainstorm workshop
    We regularly organise internal workshops within Progress Communications. A colleague from the LVT Group, of which Progress is part, occasionally holds internal sessions on time management, while another colleague presents an update on the latest developments in social-media land.
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  • Press tour with Pixum with the ultimate tips for the perfect holiday photos
    Pixum offers numerous fun and creative products which you can make from your digital photos. With the summer holidays approaching, Progress Communications Belgium and Pixum together came up with a fun angle for a press tour.
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  • Coin launches for the Royal Netherlands Mint
    Since 2009, Progress Communications has been taking care of the entire PR pathway around new commemorative coins for the Royal Netherlands Mint. These special issues are presented during a ceremonial ‘First Strike’ under the watchful eye of the Minister of Finance.
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