SteamOne offers a wide range of dry cleaning devices for professionals and consumers. Many professionals already have discovered the brand – many famous clothing brands and retail chains like Chanel, Lacoste, H & M and Zara already work with SteamOne products. For consumers, however, home dry cleaning of clothes is new. Progress Communications was therefore asked to introduce this to the target group.

It was important that consumers get in touch with the brand SteamOne and know what it has to offer. It had to be known that with the H10S of SteamOne they could make the most delicate fabrics free from creases within one minute.


We decided to focus on the storytelling behind the H10S. We emphasized the convenience of SteamOne as the premium brand. As references in our stories we used clothing brands and stores.

We distributed a launching press release and invited various media to come and see the product live at our BrandBazaar event. We broadcast the message widely among bloggers, consumer, lifestyle, retail and fashion media. In addition, we sent a December alert, focusing on refreshing one’s furniture and curtains. Finally, we also organized product reviews. For this purpose, we created a review guide, together with the customer, explaining the USPs and mentioning that the steamer could also be used to refresh furniture and curtains.


Our commitment was greatly rewarded: A number of fashion bloggers posted reviews. In addition, Daily newspaper De Telegraaf published an article about decreasing one’s clothes and killing of bacteria through steam. Another important publication that caused a lot of brand awareness among consumers was the piece in ELLE Magazine.